Human Holistic Healing

Reiki works by drawing on universal healing energy, which is then transferred to the recipient. I will use the reiki symbols and universal energy by gently placing my hands on or just above your body. 

For standard or Unicorn Reiki, treatment will cover the whole body, and all the chakras. See video on home page. Unicorn Reiki has a different vibration to traditional Reiki and is similar to angelic healing, its very effective to remove negative energy. Unicorn  healing is done on your auric field and starts at the crown chakra and spirals down the body, my hands remain still at your crown, but you will most likey feel the energy travel. For standard Reiki my hand placement will be guided by your body's energy.


Animal Healing

I will channel healing energy through my hands to the animal through a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance. Animals are much more sensitive to Reiki than humans and some may require more time and patience. Reiki can help animals to be more balanced, relaxed and less likely to get sick.

Reiki sessions for animals typically last 15-30 minutes. The frequency of sessions depends entirely on each individual animal’s health status and needs. Some health issues can be resolved in two or three sessions, others may take ongoing sessions on a recurring basis.

Distance healing

I use the symbol above, to send distance healing, (no distance is too far). This type of healing can be sent to people or animals. Unicorn Reiki is especially good when sending distance healing.

To help me focus i like to use a photograph or you or your pet.  When doing distance healing, the energies will work on the receiver's  body, the Chakras and the Aura. The person or animal I send Reiki to is likely to feel it happening, all you need to do is be open to the healing process and in a position of rest, you will usually know when the healing is finished.

Distance healing does not take nearly as long as a hands-on treatment. This treatment takes about 5-10 minutes.



Angel Card Readings

An Angel Card reading can be done with or without you present.  Before your reading, take time to centre yourself using deep breathing techniques (I can help with this). Find a quiet space without the distractions of television or mobile phones. I will ask you to focus on your question. What you do with the information revealed is your's to use as you wish. All reading's will be confidential. After every reiki session I offer an angel card for guidance


Comming soon- REIKI TEACHING

In Sept 2018 I gained my Reiki Master/teacher certification, this will enable me to provide training workshops so that you too can learn reiki. Reiki comes at three levels

  • Level 1 -First Degree Reiki aka self healing Reiki. This course will encourage students to focus on practising Reiki on themselves, thereby working through their own obstacles.  Level 1 course also includes an overview of the history of Reiki, hand placements and self and group practice, whilst incorporating meditation, grounding and self development. Once attuned you will be a certified First Degree Reiki healer
  • Level 2-Second Degree Reiki aka healing others and distance healing, this course encourages students to continue to expand on Reiki 1. Level 2 is often defined by a focus on practising Reiki on others, the course will receive the Reiki symbols and Level 2 attunement. The Reiki symbols allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to the universal energy, as well as draw on the qualities that the symbols represent. This includes the ability to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be.Everyone has the ability to learn Reiki
  • Level 3 -Reiki Master-This encompasses the previous two levels Completion and is the highest degree as a Reiki Practitioner. A Reiki Master Teacher isqualified to educate those who wish to be trained in Reiki, passing the knowledge of Reiki, tradition and attunements down from teacher to student.

Next Steps...

Get in touch, if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask! You can contact me by email or through Social Media, just click on the links below. 🙂