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My Story

June 2018 I joined the Reiki Association and started of my new website and business, I'm looking to continue to maintain my Occupational Therapist skills whist developing my Holistic Therapy Business. Exciting times ahead 🙂

My Approach

"My vision." Is to share my love and knowledge of Reiki with anyone that has interest or even if slightly skeptic. I will keep my prices fair and competative with an extra edge of providing more variety of service enabling an holistic approach.

The 5 Reiki principles pictured to the left will be the essesnce of which I try to live by enabling me to take responsibility of my actions. The 5 Reiki principles are felt to be the lynch pin of Reiki teaching and it is common for people to live and abide by them.

Therapy Room

This calm and peaceful room, is where you will recieve a treatment, either on the therapy bed or on the lower comfy one. If lying down is unconfortable i have a reclining chair. I have all my qualifications on display.

Therapy bed

This will be covered in a soft warm heated if required cover

Soft bed

To support those who need more comfort

Calm & serene

The Therapy room has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with music and/or scents to suit your mood

Next Steps...

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